ArcticFX Graphics | Sled Wrap Options and Pricing

Hood & Side Panel Coverage: $299 - $349 (USD)

Hood and Side Panel coverage is available on all models we offer and includes the Left Side Panel, Right Side Panel, and Hood graphics. Many models also include coverage for the Front Clip and Shock Well areas as well.

Tank & Knee Area Coverage: $50 - $75

Tank & Knee Area coverage option generally includes the sides of the Gas Tank and front Knee areas on most sleds. Some models require a cut to be added into the knee section to account for sleds with a pull cord.

Tunnel Sides Coverage: $75 - $100

Tunnel Sides coverage option includes both the left and right side graphics of the sleds tunnel. Most of our tunnel graphics are precision cut to size but some will require trimming as we cannot account for every size and shape from every manufacturer. 

Tunnel Top Coverage: $50 - $100

Tunnel Top coverage option is offered on most mountain and crossover sleds and includes the full top portion of your sleds tunnel/track. Most of our tunnel top graphics are precision cut to size but some will require trimming as we cannot account for every size and shape from every manufacturer. 

Windshield Coverage: $15 - $50

Windshield coverage option is offered for most lower profile windshields that come standard on many mountain and crossover sleds. We generally do not offer coverage on tall, trail style windshields. 

Headlight Covers: $30

Headlight covers are available for most models and made from a special perforated vinyl which allows light to still shine through the graphics. Our headlight covers come in all solid colors with the exception of black.

Add-Ons and Extras:

  • Application Kit: $30.00
  • Logos: $10 each (can be added during the checkout process; a proof will be emailed to you for approval within 2-7 business days)
  • Metal Flake Overlay$100.00 (adds a metallic shimmer to any sled wrap / graphics)
  • Halo Flake Overlay: $100.00 (adds a colorful metallic shimmer to any sled wrap / graphics)

Aftermarket Plastics and Modifications:

All of our sled wrap templates are custom made in-house and precision cut to fit OEM sled models and factory plastics only. We cannot guarantee our wraps to fit any modified sleds or aftermarket plastics. If you have made any modifications or have installed any aftermarket plastics please list them in the "notes" section at checkout or contact us before ordering at (586) 786-9851 to make sure we will be able to accommodate.

Choose Your Graphics Finish:

ArcticFX Graphics offers 4 different over-laminate (finish) options on all sled wraps!  Check out all of the different options here!

One-Off Custom Designed Sled Wraps: Starting at $799.00

If you have your own idea for a custom sled wrap our professional graphic design team can make it a reality. All one-off custom designs we offer as full coverage wraps, meaning all sections of the graphics will be included, and start at $799.00. We will work with you on your custom design until you are 100% happy.

Please keep in mind complete custom designs have a longer lead time and require a significant time investment from our design crew. During our busy season (Sept-Feb) the typical wait time for a custom sledwrap is anywhere from 1-3 weeks for an initial design proof after payment is made.

Start designing your one-off custom sled wrap by filling out our form here: Custom Wrap Design Form

Need help installing your wrap? Check out our installation videos below:

Step 1: Removing Factory OEM Graphics or a Current Sled Wrap

Step 2: Cleaning and Prepping your Sled for Install

Step 3: Installing your ArcticFX Sled Wrap