Frequently Asked Questions


What makes ArcticFX Graphics the best choice in the industry?

ArcticFX Graphics stands out due to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We’ve spent years of refining our materials and our process to ensure that you receive the best graphics available. Our wraps have withstood rigorous testing by elite athletes and have proven their durability in even the most extreme conditions. In addition, our exceptional after-sales service, which includes hassle-free returns and at-cost replacements, demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction.

At ArcticFX Graphics, our guiding principle is simple: if our customers aren’t happy, neither are we. We consistently adhere to the highest standards and never compromise on the quality of our products, resulting in wraps that are undoubtedly the best in the market.

Where are ArcticFX Graphics wraps made?

All our wraps are printed to order at our Washington, MI facility.

Does ArcticFX Graphics offer more than just sled wraps?

Absolutely! ArcticFX Graphics is just one of the several specialized graphics brands we operate. Our MotoFX Graphics website offers motocross and snowbike graphics, while our UTVFX Graphics website caters to side-by-side vehicle graphics. Additionally, we run a comprehensive wrap business that designs, prints, and installs wraps for trucks, trailers, and other vehicles.

Installation & Coverage

Can I install the wrap myself?

ArcticFX Graphics designs wraps with easy customer installation in mind. Our high-quality powersports vinyl features built-in AIR-PASS technology, making installation simple by allowing air bubbles to escape. Each order includes an application instruction sheet, and we’re always here to help at (586) 786-9851. We also provide the necessary tools for sled preparation, including our adhesive remover, felt and hard squeegees, and a lil chizzler for graphics removal.

How do I remove factory graphics from my sled?

Using a heat gun or hair dryer, gently warm the factory graphics until they’re warm to the touch. Slowly peel the graphics at a 90-degree angle. Be patient, as stock graphics are thinner and more fragile than ArcticFX Graphics wraps. After removing factory graphics, be sure to thoroughly clean your sled before installing your new wrap. We DO NOT recommend installing ArcticFX Graphics wraps over existing factory/OEM graphics.

What if my sled has aftermarket plastics or other modifications?

Our wrap templates are meticulously crafted in-house and precisely cut to fit OEM models and factory plastics. We cannot guarantee compatibility with modified or aftermarket plastics. If your sled has any modifications or aftermarket plastics, please mention them in the “notes” section during checkout or contact us at (586) 786-9851 before ordering to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

What tools do I need to properly install my graphics kit?

We provide adhesive remover, felt and hard squeegees, and a lil chizzler for graphic removal with each order. We recommend 90% Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and prepping your machine. Other suggested tools: a small utility blade (snap-off style), dye-free/lint-free paper towels, a blow dryer or heat gun, and an application key (provided or available for printing from our install tab).

Will my sled’s plastic color still be visible after wrapping?

Our wraps are graphics kits that are cut into multiple pieces for easy installation. While the space between the pieces is minimal, the color of the plastics will still be noticeable. Our graphics won’t change your sled’s color, so we recommend incorporating the color of your plastics in your design.


How can I ensure my graphics match my sled’s color?

If you’re concerned about color matching, you can purchase a color sample sheet from our website found under the Info tab. This enables you to view an accurate color representation and compare it with your sled. Color samples take approximately 1-2 weeks to receive in the mail.

Can I use my computer or phone to match colors?

Due to variations in how computer monitors, phone screens, and other devices display colors, it’s not recommended to rely on them for accurate color matching. Obtaining a physical sample of our colors on vinyl is the most reliable method.

Is there another way to match colors?

Our FXWrapR Design Studio offers convenient color palettes corresponding to popular manufacturers and their respective colors. We collaborate closely with manufacturers to produce the closest stock color matches in the industry. However, our color matching cannot account for factors such as ultraviolet discoloration, specialty or limited edition colors, custom paint or powder coating, and other variables. As a result, we cannot guarantee a perfect match. Receiving a physical copy of our color samples is the most reliable way to ensure a match.

Should my wrap design include my sled's plastic color?

Yes, we recommend integrating your sled's plastic color into the design. Our wraps are graphics kits that are cut into multiple manageable pieces for easy installation. While minimal space will be visible between the pieces once applied, the underlying plastic color will still be noticeable. Our graphics do not fully change your vehicle’s color.

Do you print carbon fiber, neon, or fluorescent colors?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide carbon fiber patterns due to the fact that they are usually integrated with the vinyl rather than printed. We also refrain from printing neon or fluorescent colors due to their tendency to quickly fade.

Logos & Custom Designs

Can I add logos to my wrap?

You can add logos in our FXWrapR Design Studio under the Logos tab for $10 each, regardless of size. Logos will be applied to both sides of your wrap, and we’ll send you a proof for approval within 2-7 business days. You wrap will not be printed or shipped before your approval. We have most industry logos on file but will require specialty or personal logos to be emailed to us in a vector format such as “.ai”, “.eps”, or “.svg”.

Do any logos come with my wrap?

All logos visible on a design in WrapR will be printed on your wrap and comes free of charge. You can remove any of these logos for free under the “Logos” tab of our FXWrapR Design Studio.

Can I request a fully custom wrap based on my idea?

Yes! If you’d like a custom wrap beyond the real-time color changes offered by our WrapR Design Studio, our professional design team at ArcticFX Graphics can create a custom wrap tailored to your vision. Fill out our custom order form found under the Info tab to get started. Custom wraps require full upfront payment due to the high volume of requests and the time investment involved. Our designers will collaborate with you until you’re completely satisfied with your fully custom design.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders typically take 3-5 business days to process, print, and ship. Additional time may be required for orders with logo changes or during peak times of the year (Sept-Jan). Orders within the USA that ship via UPS Ground, take 2-7 days to arrive. Orders to Canada take 3-7 days while international orders take up to 10 days. Expedited shipping can be selected at checkout. For shipping costs and estimates, visit our Shipping Info page.

I’m having trouble placing an order online.

If you encounter difficulties placing an order, call us at (586) 786-9851 during business hours to order by phone.

I want to order a wrap but my model isn’t available. What should I do?

While we offer a wide range of wrap templates, we may not have all models. If your model isn’t listed online, feel free to contact us! We may have the required template and would be able to accommodate your request.

Can I pay extra for a rush order?

We strive to meet deadlines but cannot guarantee expedited processing such as same-day or one-day turnaround. Expedited shipping is available, but expedited processing is not an option.

What should I do if I received the wrong items?

Mistakes happen, even to the best companies. If you find that you received the wrong item, please contact us immediately by phone or email, or visit our Returns & Exchanges page for assistance. We’ll send you the right items as soon as possible and provide a return label for the incorrect ones.


How much does a wrap cost?

Full coverage wraps for all ArcticFX Graphics kits may range from $420 to $650. Logo additions and upgraded laminate finishes may increase the price of your wrap.

What currency is used on your website?

All pricing is shown in USD.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our wraps worldwide. Please note that ArcticFX Graphics is not responsible for international import taxes or duty fees and cannot insure international orders outside the US and Canada. Visit our Shipping Info page for more details on shipping times and costs.

Where can I find my tracking number?

You’ll receive a tracking number via email once your order has been processed and shipped, typically within 3-5 business days. If you don’t receive an email after 5 business days, check your spam folder or contact us.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes?

Yes, duties and taxes are the responsibility of the importer. ArcticFX does not cover any international import taxes or duty fees.

How long does shipping take?

Domestic (USA) orders shipped UPS Ground take 2-7 days after shipment. Orders to Canada take 3-7 days, and international orders take up to 10 days.

Can I get expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping can be selected during checkout. This only applies to carrier transit time, not order processing time. Visit our Shipping Options page for more information.

Warranty, Returns, Replacements

Do ArcticFX Graphics wraps come with a warranty?

Our wraps don’t come with a specific warranty, but we do stand by our products with an ArcticFX Graphics Guarantee. Any issues within 30 days of receipt that we deem our responsibility will be taken care of free of charge. Additionally, we provide a lifetime warranty with discounted replacements for the original purchaser of the wrap. Order replacements through the Shop tab on our website.

Can I return my wrap if I don’t like it?

Yes, our Hassle-Free Returns policy allows you to return or exchange most ArcticFX Graphics purchases. Exceptions to this are custom designs, orders with chrome or prismatic vinyl, and replacements. This is available only within 30 days of receipt and the wrap must be in its original condition. Review our Return Form and Exchanges Form pages for more details.

Can I order replacement graphics if mine have been damaged?

Accidents happen, and we’ve got you covered! ArcticFX Graphics offers a lifetime warranty with discounted replacement graphics for the original wrap owner. Ordering replacements is easy through our website under the Shop tab. Provide as much information about your order as possible. If we can’t locate your order in our system, we won’t be able to provide replacements. Replacements are done by section, not individual stickers, and may require photo confirmation. Color changes and logo additions don’t apply to the replacement policy. Replacements aren’t eligible for returns or exchanges, and additional discounts or coupons are not able to be applied.

Website Issues

I’m running into issues with your website. What do I do?

Try updating your browser (Chrome is recommended) or clearing cached images and files. If issues persist, call us at (586) 786-9851, and we’ll help you resolve any problems.

What should I do if I’m having trouble placing my order online?

If you encounter issues placing an order, call us during business hours at (586) 786-9851 to place the order by phone.