ArcticFX Graphics



ArcticFX Graphics announced today they have teamed up with well-known illustrator and powersports enthusiast Leif Alvarsson to bring a fresh new set of Artist Edition sled wraps to their lineup.

“Leif brings an entirely new style and look to our sled wrap lineup” says ArcticFX Graphic Designer Tommi Viita, a fellow Swede himself. “We are excited to have him on board this season and we’re already working on plans to collaborate with him on other projects going forward”. In fact ArcticFX already has plans in the works to release some new Leif Alvarsson edition tees and apparel later this season. Keep an eye out for new apparel from ArcticFX on their new apparel store.

About Leif Alvarsson: Leif is a 31 year old Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator from a small village in Northern Sweden. He picked up his passion for power sports at an early age from his father, a self-proclaimed octane junkie. “I was around the 2-stroke smoke from day one” says Leif.

Leif’s artistic side started to show up during his school years. “I didn’t pay much attention in school when I was young” says Leif. “I was always more interested in drawing skulls and creatures in my school books instead”. “That is really where it all began for me”.

When Leif turned 19 he bought his first dirt bike and wanted to create his own graphics for it. At that point his artwork was solely hand drawn so the concept of creating artwork on a computer was foreign to him. He began working with a local sign shop to bring his drawings to life on screen and into the print world. From there he began using the process he learned to turn all his drawings into vector graphics and created a graphics kit for his new bike. He was hooked from that moment.

Leif still finds himself drawing skulls and creatures in his free time. Only difference is that he gets paid for it now. He has worked with clothing labels, rock bands, tattoo parlors, and print shops around the globe. He hopes to continue that success with ArcticFX Graphics this year and beyond. “I can’t wait to see guys and girls shredding around with our latest graphics this season and many seasons to come” say Leif. “It feels awesome to be working with ArcticFX”.

To see more of Leif's work and collaborations with ArcticFX check out his Instagram @leifalvarssonart.