During this month of July, we decided to turn our spotlight onto an athlete that we at ArcticFX Graphics have been working with for quite some time now: Justin Ponsor.  We asked Justin to explain in just a few words his history on the snow and the mutually beneficial relationship with ArcticFX Graphics.

At the age of six, my dad came home with a 1960 ski-doo snowmobile and that day my passion was born. Growing up in Iowa, we took advantage of every opportunity we could to ride sleds whether it be ditch banging, riding on the farm, or riding from town to town on an organized poker run.

At the age of twelve, I took my first trip to Wyoming to experience backcountry snowmobiling and was hooked! A couple of years ago I founded Sled USA, a snowmobiling community built on bringing riders together from not only all over the USA but all over the world. It has been extremely humbling having the opportunity to meet and ride with people from all over the world. I’m usually found riding around Wyoming and Colorado, but this season I was able to ride in California and Sweden!

Being exposed to new riding areas and different cultures has been an awesome experience and every group of snowmobilers I’ve ridden with have been great people, which makes me even more stoked to be a part of the snowmobiling industry. 

Moving forward, I have many plans for Sled USA, including open a snowmobiling destination to bring sledders together! Each time I ride, I enjoy pushing the limits of what I’m capable of on a snowmobile. You know the saying, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good.” Well, ArcticFX makes me look good with their wraps!

ArcticFX Graphics is hands-down one of my favorite companies to work with. The quality, durability, and design are unbeatable! Their wraps make any sled look 10X better. I highly recommend working with the ArcticFX team. Amazing design talents and excellent customer service! I am super excited for the years to come with ArcticFX Graphics.

We are also excited to be working with Justin and Sled USA in the future!  For those of you wanting to stay ahead of the news, make sure to check out both Justin Ponsor and Sled USA‘s Instagram pages to stay as up to date as possible!