Last month Mike Morgan and Chris Olds from Iron Dog’s Team 10 took home the gold medal once again.  Winning this competition is no small feat, and to take home the victory twice in a row is a true testament to both their skill and knowledge of the sport.  Winning the competition this year not only makes them the victors this year, but this was a show of their dominance as they were able to claim first at the event in 2018 as well.  

The Iron Dog Race is one of the most grueling and difficult races in the sport or snowmobiling and rightfully so, the racers in this time trial must navigate through some of the most extreme weather conditions the great state of Alaska has to offer throughout the competition for a piece of the $210,000 prize, with $50,000 to first place team.  This means that every second counts towards reaching the finish line, however, it is also important that you are aware of your limitations.  If you push your sled past its limits, you can run into difficulty later in the race and may cost you precious time attending to the situation later down the line.  The Iron Dog, being the longest high-speed snowmachine race in the world at 2031 miles, is an intricate combination of rider skill and how close can you push your sled before reaching the breaking point.   

This race is very high stakes as the competitors must traverse through blizzards, subzero temperatures, and any other dangerous conditions that Mother Nature throws at you during the race, which is why both Morgan and Olds have trusted ArcticFX with their sled wraps.  For the past several years Morgan and Olds have come to ArcticFX to get their sled graphics done by the best in the business. When competing in the Iron Dog competition making sure that your equipment is going to last throughout the toughest elements and still come out looking like it did before the race is of the highest importance.  Which is exactly what we here at ArcticFX Graphics pride ourselves in; getting you a product of the highest quality and durability.  We’ve taken years to perfect a system that has resulted in the highest quality designs and wraps in the industry.  It seems like a match made in snowmobiling heaven, the champion racing team and the industry leader in snowmobile graphics.

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Photo Credit: Megan Rolinger