ArcticFX Graphics | Custom Sled Wrap Pricing

Hood & Side Panels: $299 - $349 (USD)

  • Prices for our hood and side panel sled graphics vary slightly between different models based on the size and the amount of coverage. 

Tank & Knee Areas: $50 - $75

  • Prices for our tank and knee coverage vary slightly by model.  

Tunnel Sides: $75 - $100

  • Price for tunnel side graphics vary slightly between different models.
  • To provide maximum coverage in instances when we do not have a pre-fitted tunnel template available we offer Universal Tunnel graphics for $100.00.

Extra Coverage & Accessories:

  • Universal Tunnel Sides: $100 (trim to fit)
  • Tunnel Top: $50 - $100 (prices vary by model and size)
  • Windshield Graphics: $15.00 - $50.00 (prices vary by model and size)
  • Headlight Graphics: $20.00 (perforated vinyl - does not block light)
  • Application Kit: $23.00
  • Logos: $10 each (can be added at checkout)

One-Off Custom Designed Sled Wraps: $799.00

  • If you have your own idea for a custom sled wrap our professional graphic design team can make it a reality. All one-off custom designs we offer as full coverage wraps, meaning all sections of the graphics will be included, and cost $799.00. We will work with you on your custom design until you are 100% happy.
  • Please keep in mind complete custom designs have a longer lead time and require a significant time investment from our design crew. During our busy season (Oct-Feb) the typical wait time for a custom sledwrap is anywhere from 1-3 weeks for an initial design proof.
Start designing your one-off custom sled wrap by filling out our form here: Custom Wrap Design Form