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Common Questions

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Yes, our hassle free return policy makes returns easier than ever! All SledWrapR® purchases can be returned for full refund (excluding custom designs and logo fees) within 14 days of receiving it as long as the wrap is in its original condition. Only cost to you is the return shipping. Please view our Returns/Exchanges page for more details.

There are a lot of various color sleds out there and we do our best our try to match them as close as we can. However, due to things like discoloration of plastics, specialty colors, and other variables we cannot guarantee our colors will match. If you are worried about a color not matching your sled we can mail you up to 10 FREE color samples of our printed material by filling out our Color Samples Form. This will allow you to see an accurate representation of the color you will receive. Keep in mind that color variations between monitors, mobile devices, and actual print colors received can vary drastically, so better to be safe than sorry!

While our SledWrapR® app allows for custom color changes we realize some people want a custom wrap designed from scratch. No problem! Our professional design team at ArcticFX will work directly with you via email or phone to design you the custom wrap you've always wanted. 

Custom designed sled wraps cost $799 for any model sled we offer and include full coverage graphics for that model. Because of the high volume of custom request we receive and the significant time investment one-off custom wraps involve, we require full payment to be made up front before starting on a design. Once payment is made our designers will work with you on a design until you are 100% happy with the finished graphics. To get started on a custom wrap please fill out our custom order form.

Once payment is made on a one-off custom design you can expect a design proof in 1-3 weeks. During our busy season (Sept-Jan) we receive a large volume of custom design requests. Therefore wait times are generally longer during these times. 

Our sled wraps are made with the highest quality motorsports vinyl on the market and are manufactured with built-in AIR-PASS technology. This means tiny channels have been cut into the back of the vinyl allowing air bubbles to escape more easily and making ArcticFX Graphics kits a breeze to install. Every order also includes an application instructions sheet with it, read it carefully. If you follow this instruction sheet you shouldn't have any problem installing your wrap. Of course we are always here for help if needed: (586) 786-9851.

While it's not essential for installation, we do highly recommend using our application kit, which has been specifically designed for our wrap installation process. 

Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the old graphics. Depending on the age and adhesive used, some vinyl requires more or less heat. Please be careful not to overheat the surface. Too much heat may cause the plastic to melt. Sweep your heat gun in an up/down or side to side motion along the surface. Apply enough heat so that the old graphic is warm to the touch. This will make it malleable and easier to lift up. Then use the lil'chizler tool (included in our app kit) or a credit card to lift up an edge or corner of the old graphic. Grab the edge or corner and begin slowly pulling straight back at a 90 degree angle from the surface. Apply heat to the graphic as you are pulling.  The old graphic should lift up and off in one motion. 

First thing upon receiving your graphics kit is to roll it out and check it for any issues, mistakes, or missing pieces. Once the roll is cut up or pieces are removed from the backing, we will no longer accept it as a return. Be sure to check it thoroughly before beginning installation. Once you've deemed the graphics to be to your liking you can start the installation process. 

Using the correct tools and processes is essential to installing your graphics properly. We highly recommend purchasing an application kit to make this process easier, but you can use these tools as alternatives: 

  • Adhesive Remover (we recommend 3M Adhesive and Wax Remover)
  • Prep Liquid/Cleaner (90% Isopropyl alcohol works best)
  • Small Utility Blade (snap-off style recommended)
  • Paper Towels (dye-free/lint-free)
  • Blow Dryer or Heat Gun
  • Application Key (choose your model under our install tab from the home page to print your application key)

We're always out there looking for that up-and-comer that's gonna change the game.  If this sounds like you then check us out on and apply to our athlete support program. We generally do not except new athletes during our busy season (September - April).

It's no secret that ArcticFX is trusted by many of the top snowmobilers on the planet. Over the years we have used their feedback as well as feedback from our thousands of customers to perfect our materials and processes. The result is a sled wrap that is hands down the best on the market. 

Our graphics are printed on a very high quality 16mil thick vinyl and made with exclusive AIR-PASS Technology, which allows air bubbles to escape more easily for a bubble-free install. This mean absolutely NO liquid is required for installation! We strive to be the very best in the industry and we stand behind our products 100%. Feel free to check our Why ArcticFX page and see what makes us the very best in the industry.

Every single ArcticFX sled wrap is made to order at our facility in Washington, MI.

While our sled wraps and graphics kits do not come with a specific warranty, we do stand by our products with an ArcticFX Guarantee. ANY PROBLEMS arising within 30 days of receipt that we deem to be our responsibility will be taken care of at no charge to the customer.

If you damage your wrap during installation or while riding, we offer replacements at material cost up to 1 year after purchase...just fill out our replacements form here.

Accidents happen, we got you covered! ArcticFX Graphics is the only sled wrap company that offers replacement graphics at material cost for up to 1 year after purchase. Replacements can be ordered by specific wrap section (ie. right side panel, hood, left side panel, front clip, etc.) Just fill out our replacements order form and we will get your replacements printed and shipped out to you asap.

Nobody's Perfect! Even the best companies occasionally make mistakes. If upon opening your package you discover the wrong item has been shipped to you, please contact us immediately by phone/email or view our Returns/Exchanges page for help. We will do our best to quickly correct the mistake. The correct item will be printed and shipped to your door asap along with a return label for the incorrect one.

Once your order is placed it will take about 1-3 business days to process, print and ship. Additional time may apply to orders that include several logo adds. Shipping times will vary but orders within the U.S. generally don't take any more than a week to receive once shipped.

Logos can be added to any ArcticFX order at checkout using our logo selection tool.  This tool allows you to add up to one (1) Gold level logo (your main logo: approx. 10-14"), three (3) Silver level logos (approx. 5-7"), and six (6) Bronze level logos (approx. 2-4").  All logos regardless of size are $10 a piece.  Logos will be applied equally on each side of your sled and a proof will be sent to you to approve before we print and ship your order. 

We have most industry logos on file, but for specialty or personal logos that we do not have you will be asked to provide us with the logo(s) in vector format (Adobe Illustrator or .EPS files) as we cannot print any logos in standard image formats such as jpeg and png.

Most of our sled wraps and graphics kits start at $299 for the hood and side panel coverage.  Additional coverage is available on almost every model we offer; including tank and knee areas, tunnel sides, tunnel top, windshields, and headlight covers. We strive to give you the most coverage options possible with each model sled. 

Yes, we ship our wraps worldwide! Keep in mind that ArcticFX is not responsible for any international import taxes or duty fees and cannot insure international orders outside of the US and Canada!

If you have placed an order with us you should receive a tracking number as soon as your item has been processed and shipped.  Shipping and processing times may vary based on season and order details (ie. an order with several logo adds or extras may take us a bit longer to process)

Customizing the colors with SledWrapR is simple. Just find the design you like and click the "Customize" button on the product page. Most designs have 5 layers and 51 unique colors to choose from. Meaning you can create millions of color combinations with every design we offer. Our goal is to never print 2 wraps completely alike. 

Yes, most features on the website are mobile friendly. That being said, sled wraps are seen best on a big screen, so we highly suggest using a computer or tablet to get the best overall experience.

Most website issues can be resolved by updating your browser (we highly recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) or by clearing your browsers cached images and files. However, if you are still experiencing issues give us a call at 586-786-9851. Any website issues we treat as high priorities and we'll get them solved asap.

Any design found on our website can be made for any sled model we have a template for. So if you find a design you like but you don't see it available for you model just fill out our Custom Order Form and our design team will make it happen! In some cases there may be a design transfer fee to cover the time it takes our design team to transfer a design to an old or non-current model snowmobile. 

While we do have one of the largest sled wrap offerings out there, it is nearly impossible to have templates for every model sled. So a good rule of thumb is if your sled was made in the past decade we most likely wrap it. If you don't see it online just ask and chances are we can make it happen!

If you are having trouble placing an order you can give us a call during our business hours at 586-786-9851 and place the order by phone.

Yes, ArcticFX Graphics is just one of our several brands of graphics under our umbrella. We offer side-by-side graphics through our UTVFX Graphics website, and MX / Snowbike graphics through our MotoFX Graphics website. We also have a full service wrap business to design, print, and install truck, trailer, and vehicle wraps.

Yes, ArcticFX can expedite shipping or prioritize processing for an additional charge. The charge will vary based on the turnaround time requested and can range from $50-$100 extra not including any added shipping costs.


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